Your Total Recovery

Your Total Recovery

We are flooded with testimonies from people whose lives have been touched and changed by the power of God through this ministry . . .

One woman recently wrote, “I cannot begin to describe to you the liberation I have experienced because of your message ‘Total Recovery.’  I heard it on a day when I was experiencing extreme emotional low resulting from lost of everything including relationship that ended badly as couples.

Look how God reached me  through you: “I happened to turn on live service at a moment when I felt myself spiraling downward into yet another whirlpool of rejection, insecurity, unworthiness, and all that goes along with that. Your  message came on  right at the moment when you were teaching on ‘Let not your heart be troubled.’”

I have come across that  passage of Scripture before — “but that day,” it came alive  “I really heard it, and received it, and was just elated when I realized that MY HEART DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TROUBLED BY THIS, OR ANYTHING ELSE EVER AGAIN!” I was immediately transformed to a different person, because I am no longer at the mercy of the devil.”  I have  been delivered! And “I have no intention of ever going back to self pity and defeat again!”

While I rejoice for my victories, I want to see God accomplishing this supernatural transformation for many like me around the world. What the enemy has stolen from me, my finances, My peace and my marriage, in your family, in your relationships.  I shall, like David and his men did in 1 Samuel 30 – the same promise is for me: “i  shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” Let me share with you this surprising, yet simple four-step principles that David used to get back everything that the enemy had taken from him. . . exactly the same principles I use to get back everything the enemy has taken from me. You can enjoy God total victory.

Everything stolen — RETURNED!

Everything broken —RESTORED!

Everything missing — RECEIVED!

This is God’s promise to all of us ! Possess it today! Let me share one of the four steps that David used to recover all: In Samuel 30:8, David asked God, “Should I pursue them, shall I overtake them?”

Often times you are faced with two options, and you’re trying to figure out which to choose. (Hint: It’s okay to ask the Lord, “Should I choose option A or option B?”!) The key is to follow the peace of God in your heart. Colossians 3:15 (AMP) says peace is always the one the Holy Spirit is showing you . . . but it may not be the easiest one to choose. Now, notice what God says to David when David asks God specifically what to do: (You must be specific, according to James 4:2) “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all! “(1 Samuel 30:8b.)