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Lifestyle Church is there for people who want to have a meaningful experience with God

Church Mission

We enable man to be all that they were created to be. Give the children of god access to their inheritance and present God with the complete and ideal man


Our vision is to bring comfort to the suffering, halt the sorrows, and to a manifestation of God on earth

Church Beliefs

We will be delighted that the Lord has led you to join our community.

Hello & Welcome

Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Our goal is to fully devote ourselves to Christ and to embody Him in all that we do in our daily life.

The Lifestyle Church is an expanding community of spiritual individuals committed to impacting the complete person of our new generation, changing mindsets, bringing an end to suffering, putting an end to tears, and fostering the spirit of excellence.

Our purpose is to follow God’s path. God’s blessing is essential to bring a happy and prosperous family to the fullest possible tranquility.

No matter what challenges you may encounter or how unsavory your life may be, we will always be there for you. You are welcome to join this community that God is blessed with

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A Palace For You

LifeStyle Church Believes In Jesus,A Family that Loves God and People

Myke Omudu

Senior Pastor

Myke Omudu is the visionary Apostle and Senior Pastor of Lifestyle Churches,The President of Myke Omudu Ministries (MOM). He is known for his creative style of communication and passion for non-conventional ministry. He reaches one of the most culturally diverse congregations in Qatar.

His unique ministry approach, along with his passion to reach the unchurched, has produced an atmosphere for record growth. Myke is passionate about creating space for others to walk into their purpose. He preaches Love, faith and hope in Jesus with miracles, signs and wonders following his meetings.

Simon R.Green

“I Knew God Was With Me,and however He Chose to Protect the baby would be Best”

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” People See God Every Day They Just Don’t Recognize Him “

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“Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Sovereign Grace”

The message of The Faithland is that Christ saves sinners. In light of that, we steward a message that radically changes lives. We will therefore preach, teach and train people to live out its implications in

Myke Omudu

Senior Pastor